About Modern Vision Centers

Why Choose Modern Vision Centers?

A Modern View on Your Vision: The eye care experts at Modern Vision Center partner practices work together to create the most personalized patient experience and ensure the highest outcomes through shared clinical expertise and the most advanced eye care technology.

We believe that by providing you with the knowledge and in-depth education on all of your eye care options, we can help you achieve visual freedom and keep your vision on track for life.


Comprehensive, Complete Eye Care for All Ages

Together, MVC partner practices deliver a full spectrum of eye care services for all ages, from annual eye exams to advanced vision correction procedures like LASIK and care for medical eye conditions, myopia control and dry eye relief.

Online Scheduling with No Waiting

Through easy online scheduling and a patient-first commitment to timely appointments, the network offers convenience and excellence at every touchpoint.

Clinical Expertise

The MVC network brings together 13 leading eye care physicians and refractive surgeons across Omaha and Phoenix, with over 150 years of combined clinical experience.

Empowerment through Education

MVC Vision Track exams offer extensive diagnostic testing and imagery paired with detailed explanations and insights provided by their physicians. Patients receive both thorough in-clinic education on their eye health and available options with ongoing post-procedure support through an engaging patient app.

“Our unique partnership ensures professional service and expertise for every age and pathology affecting vision. We believe within 5 years, Modern Vision Center partner practices will be a national presence that remakes the model for private medical practices, even outside of ophthalmology.”

– Dr. Brandon Menke, ilumin

The Modern Vision Center seal showcases a shared commitment to connecting you with the right care from the right team at the right time, no matter the stage of your eye care journey. Our view on your vision includes the most advanced testing and thoughtful education on all of your options to ensure you achieve the best possible outcomes. Exceptional care for your eyes begins at a Modern Vision Center.